Employee engagement program aligns corporate mission and goals to create a performance culture


A prominent information services company needed Boost Engagement to develop an incentive program to help create a performance-focused culture within their global operation. The company was experiencing rapid growth through acquisitions resulting in an influx of new business units with differing performance goals and cultures. An incentive program was needed that would create a unified performance culture based on the parent company’s mission and core values.


In order to ignite a successful launch of this initiative, Boost Engagement developed a customized solution using the Boost Engagement platform. Our proprietary platform solution addressed the needs of the changing culture of this company. Plug-in standards were easily customized for communicating corporate mission, performance goals and core values, while also providing a robust suite of administrative reporting and measurement tools. The platform supports an online program website with a single sign-on gateway to communicate program rules, rewards information, individual and group progress reports, and informative and motivational e-mail messaging. Boost Engagement delivered a rewarding structure that emphasized the corporate mission and goals to achieve employee engagement, enthusiasm and program advocacy at all levels.


From the time of program launch, client employee engagement increased steadily demonstrating a double digit percentage increase quarter over quarter. The number of performance awards earned by employees grew 275% in six months.