Creative Ways to Reward Your Sales Team During COVID

Hey, all you sales team managers! Has your annual sales trip been canceled this year? Are you looking for other creative ways to reward your sales superstars? Well, you’re not alone. As COVID has turned our world upside down, implicating many aspects of life, including travel, companies have looked for other creative reward options to replace traditional sales incentive trips. 

Sales Incentive trips used to be a great way to reward your top performers. With the closing of many establishments around the country, some of us are weary of traveling this year. But that doesn’t mean your sales superstars shouldn’t be rewarded! 

A large client came to us looking for some creative inspiration and ways to reward their sales staff after the annual sales incentive trip had been canceled due to COVID. Our creative team got together and did what we do best: brainstormed a creative and adaptive solution for our client. The sales team members each received a custom decorated gift box containing a high-end assortment of branded promotional products including Yeti coolers, wine tumblers and apparel. Gift Box Collage

In addition to the custom gift boxes, each sales rep also received a merchandise credit to spend in Boost Engagement’s online employee rewards store. Our online rewards store is full of tens of thousands of rewards options including a fully integrated travel, experience, and hotel booking portal that provides incredible savings to users and global access to thousands of accommodations, travel and experience reward options. 

The outcome? The sales reps appreciated the variety of redeemable reward options and the fact that they had the power of choice when using the credit, whether it was on flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, or products. Most reps opted to use their points to redeem a trip of their choice when they’re ready to travel and explore the world again.

If you’re looking for creative ways to provide rewards or incentives to your sales team, boost morale, and keep them engaged, contact us below for more information!

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