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You have great people—sometimes they just need a boost! This online platform is built to recognize employees for their efforts and achievements and award prizes directly through an online store.

Explore How To Boost Engagement

Boost Celebrates:

  • Years of Service

  • Retirement

  • Reliability

  • Wellness

  • Loyalty

  • Performance


Employee engagement is trending at an all-time low (20%) based on recent industry studies.

We want to help change that.

Boost Celebrates:

  • Connectivity

  • Productivity

  • Collaboration

  • Wellness

  • Fun at work

We give your employees
purpose by promoting
recognition with rewards,
and engagement through
relationships. This leads
to a more satisfied
workforce, heightened
retention and increased

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of respondents said
more recognition
from leaders could
help improve

We’re confident in our solutions because
we’re confident in our cause.

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increase in engagement from recognizing employee performance

– Towers Watson