Service Awards program provides effective rewards solution for Multi-Generational Workforce


A global leader in pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods came to Boost Engagement with the goal of “breathing new life” into their legacy service awards program. This client was looking for a robust online platform that could be used to easily manage service awards for a company of over 120,000 employees. The company’s main objective was to move away from traditional service award items, and re-launch their program featuring a dynamic online catalog offering a wide variety of merchandise appealing to their multi-generational workforce. They wanted to ensure the recognition was personal, innovative, and highly impactful for the recipients.


In response to the client’s program objectives, Boost Engagement developed the robust Boost Engagement SAM™ (Service Award Manager) platform. This platform includes the proprietary Service Award Manager tool allowing managers to track and review upcoming employee anniversaries, order legacy recognition plaques and schedule electronic congratulatory notification and point awards. The Boost Engagement SAM™ platform features the our online catalog of awards which includes over 10,000+ choices of brand name merchandise award items. The Boost Engagement SAM™ solution provided the perfect recognition tool with personalized presentation elements, a wide variety of award options, and best practices eCommerce online ordering.


Employees and managers are very satisfied with the new service award options and manager tool. Employees enthusiastically favored this new reward system. Their traditional system awarded everyone with a limited selection of traditional service awards jewelry, trophies, and plaques. The Boost Engagement program made employee recognition more personal with the Power of Choice™ for every generation. Employees were allowed to select a gift that was meaningful to them and that they would appreciate for a long time to come.

Client 2010 Revenue = $61.6B

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