Case Study: Incentive program re-focuses employees on customer service and operational excellence

A leading east coast financial institution committed to customer service and operational excellence was referred to Boost Engagement by an existing client within the same industry.  This company was looking for a flexible and innovative program to help engage both public-facing and back-office employees in providing best-in-class customer service and customer-focused performance.

Boost Engagement delivered an incentive program utilizing the flexible Boost Engagement platform that included an online budget management application.  The program allowed managers to award points to employees for specific achievements and qualifying Mystery Shopper scores.  Our online communication messenger sends notifications to employees when points are awarded.  Points deposited in individual online bank accounts are redeemed in their Boost Engagement online store for name brand merchandise (over 10,000+ choices), prepaid Visa Cards, and/or corporate branded apparel.

Boost Engagement surveyed company management and employees to determine program effectiveness and overall satisfaction.  Survey results indicate that the program is exceeding expectations by consistently delivering desired results in the areas of best-in-class customer service, customer focused performance, results-driven value and cutting edge innovation.  Client program administrators reported the following:

  • 78% of managers and employees were engaged in the program after 6 months.
  • Employee feedback was very positive, citing ease of use in administrating the program, as well as redemption related activity.  One of the main program objectives was to create a positive behavior change in the area of community involvement.  Since the onset of the program, the company has realized an increase in employee community involvement based on the increased number of awards going to employees for this valued activity.
  • Client users gave the program platform high marks for the flexibility of the platform and ease of updating award reason codes to meet the changing needs of the organization.  Program administrators reported that the ability to make immediate updates to award reasons based on employee feedback has resulted in increased participation in the program.
  • The addition of a Mystery Shopper initiative within the program is attributed to the increased customer satisfaction scores and employees approach to total customer service.  “We have noticed that the introduction of the Mystery Shopper to the program has helped our associates become more conscious of their behavior when interacting with customers.”
  • “The Boost Engagement program has become a very attractive element of the incentive package we offer new employees”.

Client Revenue = $61.8 Million