For many organizations, the unexpected shift toward a remote workforce has presented a new opportunity – virtual onboarding.

Did you know that new hires will decide on their future with an organization within the first 30 days of employment? Onboarding is the key to success and longevity by providing not only training, but showing how the new employee connects to your brand. Send your new employee a custom and personalized new hire kit before their first day to increase their sense of belonging on Day 1. New hire kits that promote your brand are a fun and simple way to welcome your employees and are worth the investment.

So for organizations that haven’t put hiring on pause… How do you successfully onboard a remote employee?

Be Ready Before Day 1

Set your new hire up for success on their first day. Have all of their login credentials and any programs or applications that they’ll be using ready to go. Provide them with a task management spreadsheet (or tool like Smartsheet), including useful links and a breakdown of what information they need, from who, by when, etc.

Introduce Them to the Team

Set up a group chat with your new hire and the different departments so they can e-meet the teams. It is helpful to visualize the people that work together/in the same departments. This will lead to a better understanding of how the organization operates.

Daily Check-Ins

Communication is the key to success. Schedule a time each day to check-in / chat with your new hire. Use this time to share what you’re all working on for the day. Not only will this benefit your new hire, but this will also help everyone feel connected and stay organized while we work together from home.

Utilize Different Virtual Communication Tools

It’s critical that your new hire feels connected to your organization right off the bat. Utilize different virtual communication tools like an uber conference line, GoToMeeting or Slack, to stay connected and productive. Share your screen when presenting or giving instructions! It’s much easier to retain information when new employees can see what they’re learning about in real-time.

Make Sure They Know Where to Go for Help

It sure is an interesting time to be starting a new role. Let’s make it easy for them! Provide them with the resources and support they need to do a great job. Set aside plenty of time to meet with them to ensure an understanding of the role and responsibilities. Finally, make sure they know where to go with questions or if they need more direction.

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