Author: Anita Emoff
Co-Author: Hannah Stickford
Date: 5/24/2022

When you think of the word Attachment, what comes to mind? Is it a memory or a feeling you had with something or someone? For example, a child feels attached to a blanket or toy, not leaving that item and staying loyal to that item even when they are older. Or maybe it’s feeling attached to someone because of a relationship, and you create that attachment because of the relationship you had with that person and the memories you had made.

So how does attachment(and everything that comes with it) affect our business workplace? Why is it so important?

Attachment in business is essential to establishing a healthy workplace culture, retaining employees, and boosting employee engagement. Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking that next step and forming healthy attachments between business and employee by utilizing attachment.

First, we have to know how attachment works in business.

One of the most resourceful ways to correctly use attachment would be by rewarding interactions between all employees and transactions through rewards and online sites. Why does this matter, you ask? Great question! This matters because employees who feel engaged, encouraged, and inspired are more likely to stay at their workplace and increase their ability to do great work!

Second, Social avenues are so important to celebrate their success.

Social avenues: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, your website, and more! Everyone is on social media and supports and promotes their family, friends, businesses, and ideas through social media. By utilizing your appropriate social avenues(including social events, team-building games, group recognition, etc.), you can easily reach and show your team encouragement and support. This will organically boost your employee engagement culture and employee retention.

Lastly, Offer unique ways to celebrate and reward your employees.

Now is the time to get creative. At this point, you should have created a foundation where all employees have a healthy workplace culture through the process of affinity and now attachment. For this last step, you will need to think out of the box and into your creative zone for this last step. Think of ways to get your team excited and engaged at work. Maybe its a fun game, prize, or survey where they get to interact and be praised for their hard work. Every idea you have should be centered on creating authentic, human connections through different avenues. Reminder: It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal! Just something to get started and grow from there. Your team will appreciate the effort you are trying to put forward and connect with them.

Attachment can be as easy as connecting through a conversation. Remember that you can’t be everything for everyone and that is OKAY! Attachment forms organically and authentically. Don’t force it or it will turn into something ugly! And no one wants that. Authentic effort and genuine support go a long way when creating a foundation where attachment can grow.

Happy Engaging!

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