Great employees deserve praise and recognition, but often times companies make simple mistakes when rewarding employees that lead to negative results. Check out these three simple ways to make sure your employee recognition program achieves your desired results.

Talk to your employees

During the holiday season, chances are you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what your employees really want for a gift. The same method should be used for employee recognition; talk to your employees to find out what rewards they really want and find valuable. Setting a custom list of short-term and long-term recognition rewards for each employee will increase the overall effectiveness of your employee recognition program.

Be accountable

A great employee recognition program starts at the top with managers and supervisors who hold themselves accountable for the success of the company’s rewards program. Using an employee rewards and recognition platform like Boost Rewards offers thousands of options while limiting the overall time commitment from supervisors and managers.

Be specific and involved

Be as specific and detailed as possible when rewarding employees. Rather than simply saying “nice work” or “job well done”, dig into their projects and give detailed praise and recognition. Include ways that their efforts helped meet your company’s goals; and the employee’s job satisfaction and commitment to the company’s vision will increase.

Effective employee recognition does not have to be an elaborate or expensive endeavor for your company. Personal communication with employees, upper-management accountability, and specific recognition reasons are three simple ways to improve the effectiveness of your company’s recognition program.

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