Employee motivation is an important part of any organizations success. Employees who are motivated to give their best effort to company projects and initiatives help achieve strategic business goals.  It can often be difficult to think of ways other than monetary compensation to motivate employees.  A simple way to motivate employees is by showing employee appreciation for jobs well done on a consistent basis.  Showing employee appreciation does not have to be expensive or complicated, check out a few employee appreciation tips from Boost Engagement Backstage.

  • Say “Thank You” to employees for their help and efforts – simple, effective, and cost-free
  • Throw a party in your employee’s honor; pizza parties, ice cream socials, and fun lunch carry-ins are a few ideas.
  • An email “Thank You” is a good idea for remote businesses, especially if company employees are copied on it.
  • Put a large “Thank You” sign in a high-traffic area, like a lobby or lunch room acknowledging employee efforts.
  • Give them special privileges for a day, casual day, extra-long lunch, or an hour off are some simple yet effective ideas to try.

These are just a few ways to show employee appreciation and keep employees happy and motivated.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with employee appreciation, and remember that the most important thing is showing SINCERE thanks and appreciation to employees.  Keep checking back with Boost Engagement Backstage for more exciting employee recognition news and ideas.

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