How engaged are the employees in your city? Quantum Workplace recently released the Top 10 cities in America with the most engaged employees. As with most lists, I breeze over it, looking for Boost Rewards home state of Ohio. Notta. I blame the climate here. This month we experienced a 3 day stretch that went from 49°F to 87°F. In June! But, back to the subject at hand…

To qualify, each city needs 30 organizations to participate in the survey. Employee engagement on the list (as a percentage) ranged from 69.3%-75.2%. Where do you think your city or even your business would rank? If you haven’t already, it’s worth measuring to gain a deeper insight to the happiness of your employees.

Let’s roll through the list and fun facts for each city.

10: Tampa, FL – the greater Tampa Bay area with over 4 million residents has also been ranked by Forbes as the 5th best outdoor city in the US.

9: Austin, TX – the city with nearly 1 million residents is known for it’s local motto, “Keep Austin Weird”.

8: Birmingham, AL – This southern city has a combined personal income of $48.1 billion. Say no more!

7: NYC, NY – This one doesn’t surprise us; this city is as fast paced as they come. Don’t you have to stay engaged to stay on top?

6: Atlanta, GA – ATL also ranked as the 11th snobbiest city in America according to Travel + Leisure. (turned up nose)

5: Miami-Dade, FL – This county’s public school system employees 30,000 people alone and the University of Miami employs another 16,000.

4: Washington, DC – Commuters bring this city’s population to more than 1 million during the work week; the majority of these folks have federal government jobs or work in the tourism industry.

3: Huntsville, AL – Home to NASA and the Army’s rocket-propulsion research, this city is highly engaged with a family median income of $65,947.

2: Sacramento, CA – Quite literally, the sunniest city – Sacramento enjoys sun in the summer for up to 14 hours a day. A little sunshine goes a long away.

Drum roll, please…

1: Nashville, TN – And we have a winner! Music City, USA has also been ranked on the Forbes list of Best Places for Business and Careers. Top employers in Nashville include: Vanderbilt University and Medical Center, Saint Thomas Health Services and Walmart.

There you have it! The Top 10 cities for engaged employees in America. For more information or ideas on how to keep your employees engaged (or to keep yourself engaged), in any city, bookmark our Boost blog and check back often. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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