What You Need to Know

Did you know Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 5, 2021? How does your organization plan on celebrating? If you’re looking for some inspiration or simply need a “Boost”, we’ve put together a few things to keep in mind when showing your appreciation and recognizing your employees this year. Mark your calendars – Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March EVERY YEAR!

  1.  Dive right in. Employee Appreciation Day does not have to mean cash, raises, bonuses, or anything of the like (though many employees might say they want exactly that). There is a lot of psychology behind the cash vs. non-cash award argument and recently, a study concluded when recipients found the total award experience personally meaningful, cash did not have the strength that we often think it does. Which leads us to…
  1. Make it personal. Recipients will find recognition more valuable and it will have a greater impact if the presentation is personal. What did the recipient specifically do that was valuable to the project, team, and company? What did they bring to the project that others wouldn’t? How did this benefit the company from a revenue, morale, or culture perspective? Allowing employees to hear and truly understand how they directly impact the “big picture” of the company is invaluable.  
  1. Any company-wide gestures for Appreciation Day should come from executives, owners, leadership regardless of company size. Individualized appreciation should come from the manager level. In other words, allow leadership to send a mass email or deliver handwritten letters on March 5, and task your management teams with communicating individually to employees throughout the day to let them know why they’re appreciated.
  2. Similar to major “Hallmark” holidays, we have to ask ourselves: why do we need a day dedicated to recognizing our employees? Recognition should be a constant in your organization. Still lost? Give us a call.

So tell us below, how will you recognize your employees on March 5 and every day thereafter? 

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