The Unexpected Shift to Working From Home

Across every industry and around the world, organizations are experiencing a disruption in workflow resulting from the implications of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Adhering to national, statewide and local policies/recommendations, while looking out for the best interests of their employees, more and more organizations have adopted and transitioned to a remote workforce. For many, working from home is a new reality. And, while we work to recover and (hopefully) return to our normal lives, it’s critical that we remain focused, productive and most importantly, engaged. Now is a crucial time to keep employees connected and engaged.

6 Ways to Keep Employees Connected

We at Boost Engagement have adopted a few different strategies to keep our employees engaged during this unexpected shift to working remotely. Below are our 6 recommendations for keeping employees connected and engaged while working from home.

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1. Take a photo of your remote workstation and post to Hy5 (our engagement platform)

As most of our team has shifted to working from home, we’ve encouraged our employees to photograph their [remote] workstations and share them with us. It’s key that we stay connected during this time, and getting a glimpse of your team members life outside of the office can go a long way in doing so.

2. A set [group] time to get up and stretch/take a walk or some other physical activity

A big bonus of remote work is its flexibility. It’s important that we take breaks during the day and remote work can allow for that. Our team has coordinated a time to get moving together! Encourage your team to take a break and get some physical activity during the day.

3. Send out “fun” poll questions or create a Question of the Day

Send out some fun questionnaires or a question of the day and post the results.

Examples of questions:
True or False: I am still in my pajamas.
Does your office have a window?
Does your office have a pet?

4. Weekly challenges

Get creative! Create some weekly challenges for your team to accomplish. This could include anything from drinking 72 oz of water every day to picking up a new hobby, to reading a book.

5. Spirit week from home

Just because we’re not in the same building doesn’t mean the fun stops! Plan for a spirit week from home and ask people to share photos. Host a Pajama Day, Pet Day, Superhero Day, etc. To help get everyone in the spirit, consider sending a promotional gift ahead of time, like a company-branded cape or sweatpants with your logo.

6. Mentor program

Let’s be honest, some of us have experience working from home/on the road, and probably have good tips that we can provide. Give your team members the opportunity to reach out if they are having a hard time figuring it out. Then match them with someone who can jump on a call and talk them through some helpful tricks.

What else is your company doing to help workers engage remotely? Contact or find us on social media!

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