Our Boost Engagement team killed it last week at Skucon, a conference for Innovators, Explorers, and Dreamers. Anita Emoff, CEO of Boost Engagement, LLC, focused on strategic oversights and innovation for Shumsky, a top 50 promotional products distributors, and Boost Rewards, a leading technology platform delivering engagement solutions. Joe Drayer, the Vice President of Boost Engagement, leads a team of smart creatives in the effort to connect employees to their work, their team members, and their company though the company’s online platforms. Together, Anita and Joe presented their “From Incentives to Engagement” session.

The “From Incentives to Engagement” session was designed as a guide for companies transitioning from incentives to engagement. It gave insight into the ever-changing role of leadership and explained the emotional relationship with engagement and how culture, productivity, and employee morale can all flourish under new leadership tactics. In the past, leadership roles were meant to oversee and manage employees, but to keep up with innovative brands and companies, leaders must now:

  • Inspire employees
  • Collaborate and work with employees
  • Catalyze commitment
  • Invite change and opportunity

Anita and Joe also discussed the evolution of incentives-to-engagement and reflected on her experiences building Boost Engagement while working with large customers. They also discussed the rewarding opportunities that are available for promotional companies who want to carve a niche in the new motivational industry.

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