Fast and Free

The on-the-spot recognition solution.

Fast and Free

The on-the-spot recognition solution.

Fast and Free

The on-the-spot recognition solution.

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Boost on Demand™ was uniquely designed to build total workforce engagement with an on-the-spot rewarding vehicle.  Boost on Demand is a combination of an online reward and recognition program but also provides a face-to-face rewarding approach using our Cogz™ Rewards. Cogz are smarter than a gift card and are the key to this “pay as you go” platform. There are no setups or fees associated with this solution. It’s easy. You set your budget and order Cogz as often as you need to reward!

Fast and Free

The advantages of Cogz™ Rewards:

  • Simple to use rewards program
  • Smart measurements for tracking ROI
  • On-the-Spot Recognition tool
  • Cogz are available in denominations of ($5-$1000)
  • Creates positive competition in the workplace
  • Trophy value, magnetic Cogz can be assembled into a one of a kind trophy
  • No minimums, no set up fees

Each Cogz has a unique redemption code with a point/dollar value assigned on the back. After receiving a Cogz, the employee will activate the code and have the choice to reward themselves in our vast online rewards store or save their Cogz for a larger item. Cogz rewards also can be customized to your program. You select the look, reason, and value of your Cogz and easily track your program success.

What are Cogz™ and How do they Work?


The Boost On Demand solution works with four easy steps.

  1. Select your shape. Cogz rewards are three dimensional and magnetic. They are collectible and can be built into a distinctive trophy. Each individual Cogz reward comes in three shapes, allowing you to conform to your style.
  2. Select a reason. Cogz rewards take on the whatever motive and emblem you desire, whether it be numbers for years of service, thank you emblems , rock star emblem, gemstone or metal designations, or choose from our many other emblems.
  3. Choose your point value. Cogz rewards come in designations from 20 points up to 4000 points or $5 up to $1000.
  4. Enter your Cogz Quantity. You, as the business owner, simply add the number of Cogz rewards to your shopping cart, then pay as you need them, whenever you choose to recognize or reward.

You Build Your Solution


The Boost On Demand solution couldn’t be simpler! Establish a free account, and using a credit card, order only what you need. No set-up costs, no hidden fees. With eight different value levels of Cogz rewards, you can tailor the program to your own employee recognition and incentive program guidelines. To reward an employee, simply present the Cogz. Your employee will establish their own free redemption account, allowing them to redeem for more than 5,000 items in our online rewards catalog. Of course, they can also use multiple rewards to build a larger balance in their account, and redeem their rewards later for items with greater value.

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Measurable Success


Boost On Demand will give you the tools you need to create a reward program that builds employee morale and enhances the productivity of your organization. With the Boost On Demand reporting system, you can see exactly why employees are receiving rewards. The reporting system can be populated with typical reasons for employee recognition – or you may create unique reasons of your own. The reporting system will also give you information on how your employees are redeeming their Cogz rewards. This information gives you important insight into the interests and motivations of your employees as a group.


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Online Rewards Catalog


We have it all

Industry research shows that if the option is given to redeem points for a selected product over cash or restricted item, you have created the ultimate goodwill and engagement between your organization and the employee. Boost Rewards has created a progressive rewards platform that gives your employees the freedom to reward themselves with the products or gifts they value most as an individual, no matter what part of the world they’re in. Employees can login to our secure servers to check their current points balance and save or shop for more than 5,000 items in our online rewards catalog.

Regardless of how you access the catalog, there are endless rewards. Our global network of online retailers provides thousands of desirable brand name products in a variety of categories, from electronics to travel and so much more!